Flowers and vases go together like hands to a glove. Finding the right container for a bunch of flowers or a large bouquet can be a predicament, after all one should complement the other. During the course you will gain an understanding of the difference between flowers for the home and the type of arrangements that are in demand for contract work in hotels, restaurants and the commercial sector.

Both flowers and vases come in many different shapes and sizes, so getting the right balance can be complex. 

For example, a bunch of country garden flowers would be lost in a giant urn, but on the other hand would look stunning in an antique flower pot on a window sill.

On this course, you will begin by learning about selection, the basics of flower care and conditioning before you start your designs.

The course will focus on creating arrangements for the home. We will focus on colour, form, style, suitability as your choice of flowers, foliage and containers. You will discover where and when we use oasis (floral foam), or just water. As a result you will use your new taught skills to create a dynamic and interesting finished piece. Our teaching staff will demonstrate and talk you through a wide variety of vases and give you some ideas for creating your own. Finally we will look at the commercial importance of contract vase work and how to make your flowers last.