The Academy Christmas course focus on the essentials. We will give you the skills needed to conjure up wonderful features for your doors, mantelpieces or tables from the traditional and elegant combinations of red, greens and gold. 

You will also experiment with cutting edge styles and themes from all over the world.

From a place card to the top of a beautiful tree, Christmas is everywhere when the season finally arrives. 

On our course, students have the opportunity to create beautiful door wreaths – traditionally done, with no shortcuts – as well as striking garlands and festive table centres. The activities fall over a couple of days: students have the choice of joining us for either one or two days.

Imagine glitter, glistening baubles, pine cones, that unforgettable smell of spruce, cinnamon sticks, dried clementines, apples, waxed pears, ribbons, bells, red berries and you’ll have captured the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers at this special time of the year.

Christmas comes but once a year – come and spend it with us.